The Energy is not just a condominium

The Energy is not just a condominium, but it is truly a holiday home where the entire family can relax by doing what each person enjoysHomeowners can exercise at the Energy Complex, the magnificent sports centre with a state-of-the-art fitness centre, get a change of pace by residing at the Energy’s five-star hotel, or indulge in restaurants and retail stores in the premises. The Energy offers a wide range of facilities and services catering to the lifestyle needs of urban dwellers. These special privileges are exclusively reserved for members of The Energy and their guests to ensure the greatest privacy, security and comfort.



Nature’s beauty always revives one’s energy. With numerous The Energy projects, homeowners can select their preferred environment: by the sea, the mountains, by a river or in the heart of a bustling city. The wonders and beauty of each location is complemented by the conveniences. Superb services and special privileges offered by The Energy. As all projects are located near Bangkok, homeowners can conveniently drop by any property for a relaxing stay at any time.




Because we aim to make The Energy a home where you and your loved ones can truly relax, we have prepared a wide range of services and facilities such as cleaning and shuttle transfers, and many services to meet the lifestyle requirements of the new generation.



A comfortable home is one that where we can truly relax in and leave all cares behind, and recharge one’s energies. Therefore, The Energy has prepared many ways for homeowners to revive themselves after a long week at work. Stretch your muscles at The Energy Sport Complex, the enormous sports centre which heralds a new way of exercising and calming both the body and mind by offering a comprehensive array of activities. Release your pent up energy at the modern fitness centre and have fun playing your favourite game and sports such as Tennis, Basketball, Squash, Bowling, Air-Hockey, Snooker. Perhaps you may prefer a cooling dip in the pool before unwinding at the bar with a refreshing drink, or calm down with a meditation session in the grand meditation hall. But many people may just enjoy fine dining in style at our five-star Energy Hotels in every property.



Because giving does not mean boosting the energy of the recipient, but it also adds emotional value to the giver. A unit at The Energy is the best gift for you to hand down to your loved ones because you can transfer the ownership and all its privileges to them. The value of this one-time investment will increase over time. But more importantly, you and your loved ones will receive the priceless gift of physical well-being from living in a beautiful environment and happiness in spending time in this relaxing home with your loved ones.



Emotional health is no less important than physical health. In this universe, strength is balanced by gentleness, and heat is offset by the cold. Thus, alongside a well-appointed sports complex, a peaceful sanctuary is created so residents can leave their worries behind. For instance, an open-air yoga platform and a grand meditation hall with high technology facilities to replicate different ambiances. These calming oasis help restore balance to your life. Every visit to your home fully recharges and replenishes your life force, and prepares you to achieve your goals.